Kitz Harrington lives a quiet life with his clingy, sick mom,
Demona. He works for Larry Lamont's low-rent surveillance
company and dreams of becoming a secret-service agent.
One of the few people Kitz chats with, the landlord's odd
daughter, Connie, may have a bit of a thing for him. Kitz
is a watcher and when he learns of eye chips, a wearable
technology designed to take still images and capture video,
unseen, he determines to have one. At first innocently and
then with more serious consequences, Kitz sets about taking
pictures. When video appears on his chip that he can't
remember shooting, Kitz desperately attempts to uncover the
mystery behind the disturbing footage.

Sight Unseen stars Slim Twig, a musician and film actor
from Toronto. He played Ellen Page's object of desire in
The Tracey Fragments and “Max” in Kim Chapiron's
Dog Pound. Slim has been called an “icon in the making”
and is an erstwhile Pop/ Rock Artist of the Year, as named by
the city's NOW Magazine.
Kitz and Demona